Monday, April 25, 2016

Description and Example of Comment Field

** The comment field of a statement is used by the programmer to say something about  what the statement does. A semicolon marks the beginning of this field, and the assembler ignores anything typed after  the semicolon, Comments are optional, but because assembly language is so low-level, it is almost impossible to understand an assembly language program without comments. In fact, good programming practice dictates a comment on almost every line. The art of good commentary is developed through practice, Don't say something obvious, like this :

MOV CX,0                            ;move   .0 to CX

Instead, use comments to put the instruction into the context of the program :

MOV CX, 0                        ;CX    counts    terms,            initially   0

It is also permissible to make an entire line a comment, and to  use them to create space in a program.

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