Monday, April 25, 2016

Description and Example of Program Data

**Numbers : A binary number is written as a bit string followed by the letter "B" or "b"; for example,  1010B

A decimal number must begin with a decimal digit and end with the letter "H" or "h"; For Example, 0ABCH  (the reason for this is that the assembler would be unable to tell whether a symbol such as "ABCH" represents the variable name "ABCH" or the hex number ABC).

Any of the preceding numbers may have an optional sign. Here are examples of legal and illegal numbers for MASM.

Number                                          Type

11011                                              decimal

11011B                                            binary

65223                                              decimal

-21843D                                          decimal

1,234                                                illegal-contains a nondigit character hex

1B4DH                                             illegal hex number-doesn't end in "H"

1B4D                                                 illegal hex number -doesn't begin with                                            
FFFFH                                              a decimal digit

0FFFFH                                            hex